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With many of us spending more time at home, make time to explore your own museum! The part of your museum where you'll find the hours fly past is in your book collection, specifically yearbooks. No matter where you attended school over the last 50 years, you probably have a few yearbooks stacked in some hidden corner.


The Reading Room in Onoway Museum has a substantial collection of yearbooks from Onoway's schools and what memory-filled treasures they are! You may recognize faces but look beyond that look at the clothing, classroom fixtures, activities that are deemed fun (and important enough to be included),


Beaupr Highlights was published in 1967, the first yearbook published by Onoway High School. There were seven senior high teachers and five junior high teachers + one caretaker/janitor. Twenty students graduated that year. The individual photos are fascinating bouffant hair-dos for the girls and white shirt and ties for the boys.


1966 Yearbook Staff
1998 Computer Lab

1966 Yearbook staff

It took a lot of people to put the first Onoway High School yearbook together in 1966 and they each had a job title. Note the typewriter that the secretary was using.

1998 Computer lab

By 1998, the computer screen has made the blackboard extinct.


Additions to the school building now it was specific functions rather than just more classrooms - changed student life and student learning. The cafeteria/kitchen, band room, mechanics, construction, technology, cosmetology areas now provide a wide range of programming in addition to the academics that were the mainstay of education in the last century and prior.


Beaupre Edition was the first Onoway Elementary School yearbook, published for the 1971-72 year. Here's what Brian Truckey had to say about Noon Hour Activities that year:


Many students of the Onoway Elementary School and I think that the teachers have been doing a good job in having something to do for the students during noon hour. It gives us a chance to develop our ability to learn the art of a certain game and to be a good sportsman. In addition to the gymnastics and noon hour activities we also have two pool tables and two pingpong tables. The play schedule is set up so that every room can use it. We, the Grade Sixers, had a game against the teachers. It was in February. We made our own rules so that we could get the best of them but it backfired because the teachers were too good for us. Anyway I am sure all students appreciated the game.


                                Going Metric
2001 Exam

1975 Going Metric

The 1975 OES yearbook staff realized what a big changeover it was from imperial to metric measurements probably tougher for the teachers than the students!

2001 exam week

"The Girls gym at OHS was well used during the highly anticipated Exam Week at the end of January."

The last edition of the OES yearbook was published in 1991. These were the clubs available to students that year: Choir, Drama Club, French Club, Snowbusters, Jackrabbits, Skipping, Newspaper, Ceramics, Native Arts & Crafts, Running, Safety Patrol, Table Tennis. The Skipboppers hosted the national competition that year.


Dig up those old yearbooks, turn the pages slowly and absorb all the details in the many photos. The hours will fly by. Or visit the Onoway Museum Reading Room once restrictions are lifted plan to sit back and remember your school days.


And if you are missing some yearbooks, FREE copies of Onoway High School yearbooks from 2005 through to 2019 are available at the Onoway Museum/Onoway Heritage Centre.

Principal OES 1971

Principal OES

Onoway Elementary Principal E. Bontus, in her office with all high-tech tools
on hand, congratulated the staff and students who had brought the
first OES yearbook to completion. "The moments depicted in this yearbook
will be remembered in many years to come."

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