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Bargain Shopping at Woodward's

Back in the mid-1900s, a trip to Edmonton was still a major event. This might have been to see a dentist in the city centre so would invariably involve some time spent shopping in a department store. The downtown Woodward's store (on the corner of 101 Street and 102 Avenue) was a favorite. You could buy almost anything there and it often had a Woodward's brand. Onoway Museum has a few of these items as well as an amazingly well preserved paper bag.

Nylon Stockings
Paper Bag
Woodward's brand seamless nylon stockings were the latest!
The Logo shows that this bag is from an earlier ea

Many people timed their trip to Edmonton to hit Woodward's famous $1.49 day. The bargains made the expense of a trip to the city well worth the effort. This newspaper ad appeared in the Edmonton Journal on December 3, 1960 the last $1.49 day before Christmas. Some of the bargains listed were

  • 1 Fowl, grade A. Whole or cut up, 1 lb. Sausage meat. Both for $1.49
  • 12 Grapefruit size 48, pinks; 1 dozen Lemons, large size. Both for 1.49
  • Bath Towels First quality closely woven. Plain and stripes. 2 for 1.49
  • Men's Work Shirts pre-shrunk flannelette. Assorted colors. Button front. 1.49
  • Paint Woodward's Supreme Enamel. For woodwork, kitchen or bathroom. Quart 1.49
  • Women's Marvoflex Overshoes Heavy plastic overshoes with front zip fastening. Black and brown in high and illusion heels. Pair 1.49
  • Golf Balls A real rugged ball offers you distance and fine playing performance. 4 for 1.49
  • Halibut Oil Capsules Woodward's. Supply the body with Vitamin A and D. Large size bottle. 500 capsules. Each 1.49

                                      Sale 1960
The last $1.49 Day before Christmas

(The first Woodward's store in Edmonton opened in 1926, then came Westmount (1955), Northgate (1965), Southgate (1970) and Edmonton Centre (1974). The Bay bought out Woodward's stores in 1993.)


Visit the Onoway Museum, then go to the Reading Room to browse through old newspapers and magazines the hours will fly by!

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