Looking Back

The Onoway Tribune

The Onoway Tribune"The Tribune" made its first appearance as Onoway's local newspaper in March 1979.

Archived editions of the paper make fascinating reading. Try to imagine the village of Onoway as it was almost 25 years ago.

The editorial of January 9, 1980 edition recognized how well The Tribune had been received locally but also touted its encouragement of shopping locally. This edition included ads from Skinner's Meats, Koch's Home Furnishings, Onoway Credit Union, Onoway Agencies, Laine's Fashions, Onoway Radio & TV Service, Myron Cleaning Services, Ke-Dal Appliances, Heike's European Delicatessen, John Mills Insurance, Joyce & George's Cafe, and Onoway Building Supplies while Eddy Dales General Store ran a "Recipe of the Week".

A huge ad announced the Grand Opening of Sears on January 15th. Coffee and donuts would be served and there were free give-aways: panty hose!

Other good news - The Onoway & District Chamber of Commerce sponsored Saturday matinee movies at the Community Hall ("Oliver Twist" ran that week); admission $1 for children 12 years and under and $1.50 for people over 12.

Prime Minister Joe Clark was nominated to represent the Yellowhead riding for the Progressive Conservatives in the upcoming February election.

The January 16th edition of The Tribune devoted big space to the grand opening of the Onoway Curling Rink addition. Onoway Council had plans to reclaim the old lagoon for a 9-hole golf course and work had begun along highway 43 on the railway overpass that was to be part of the expansion to 4 lanes.

Onoway Post Office reported that it was now sorting all mail according to postal codes. If the code wasn't on a letter or parcel, employees would have to consult a list in order to send the item through the system.

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