Looking Back


Walking the Streets of Old Onoway


The face of Onoway has changed many, many times over the years but in looking at some of the photos in the Onoway Museum Archives, you can still recognize the buildings.

Sid Mills bought Wilfred Ledger's grocery store in 1945 after returning from combat in WWII. That store had served the Onoway area under several owners since 1914 and was located opposite the C.N.R. station (where the drug store is today). In 1954 the store was razed by fire and Sid built a new one at the corner of Main Street and Railway Avenue (Lac Ste. Anne Trail).

The exterior has changed over time; the road has definitely improved, the power poles are gone but the Onoway Hotel (the oldest building in Onoway) still holds a prominent place on the Onoway landscape.

On the north side of the railway tracks stood another important business.

From the 1930s until 1948 Joe Lehman provided vital service making rims for wagon wheels, sharpening plough shares, building sleighs and wagon boxes – the list goes on -- at his shop opposite the Onoway Museum. I wonder ... could the students have heard the pounding of the hammer in their classrooms?
Opposite the site of Patriot Law Group today, Strobl's Service offered vehicle repairs in the 1970s. This had previously been a John Deere agency and the site of John Mills' insurance office and Country Tire's first location.

The door of this building is now on display in the Onoway Museum.

Joe Lehman fitting a wheel rim in 1932

Tubby Strobl's repair service on Lac Ste. Anne Trail

Onoway's first hardware store (stocking items such as horseshoes, kerosene lamps, and whitewash) was on Main Street.

It became a Marshall Wells franchise in the mid-1940s then, under the ownership of Doris & Stoney Stonehouse, changed to Home Hardware in 1985.

Opposite the hardware was Len Wylie's International Harvester dealership and repair shop which closed in 1968.

The white building was the original Beaupré School, hauled over from the original site on highway 37.

hardware store

The original plank floor remained in the hardware into the 1970s.

School house converted to farm equipment sales outlet!

Do you have any photos (exterior or interior) of Onoway businesses? The Onoway Museum Archives would love to add them to the collection!


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 Last updated: May 31, 2016