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Summer Sports


Physical activity and sports play an important role in the life of a community and, for many people, their involvement in team sports is the source of many wonderful memories. Some of the sports equipment and memorabilia at Onoway Museum may bring a smile to your face but also might cause you to shake your head in amazement.


Take the baseball equipment from the infamous Onoway Orioles ball team. Although no formal league existed, the Orioles played highly competitive ball from the late 1940s to early 1960s competing in tournaments in Edmonton and west. Their winnings (and passing the hat) helped pay for their equipment.


Cliff Branting's uniform, glove, and cleats are definitely well used. Imagine playing in that wool tunic and pants on a hot summer day! (The label says, "Dry clean only".)  A catcher's mask is a wide grid of heavy wire; the padding around this grid is made of rolled-up fabric tied in place. Makes it all the more admirable to think of these baseball enthusiasts.

Orioles Uniform
Catcher's mask


Track meets were an annual event where local schools gathered together when students would run as fast as they could, jump as far or as high as they could and throw as far as they could.



Although Onoway Museum has no evidence of women's organized sports, try to visualize how Dorothea Dales used her Indian clubs for exercise. (They had come from England where they were an exercise fad in the early 1900s.) These 21-inch wooden clubs would be swung around and juggled resulting in a good workout. Any observers would have to be standing well back in case one of these clubs got loose!


Indian Clubs

During summer, sports events provided entertainment for the whole family and a good workout for the participants. They were a good excuse for community members to come together and relax for a short while.


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