Looking Back



Picture Your School Days

First-time visitors to the Onoway Museum are only a few steps in the door when, almost invariably, they step up for a closer look at the school photos hung on the wall.

When Onoway and District Historical Guild moved into the old Onoway Elementary School (OES) in summer 2007 (right on the heels of the departing staff and students), one of the wonderful gifts left behind for the future museum was the collection of class photos. Each year, starting in the 1986-87 school year, a large framed photo collage of the individual students of grade 6 classes was created. Later, a yearly composite of the whole school incorporated a photo of each OES class.   

Visitors start browsing the photos, and then soon are looking for a family member, relative, friend or themselves. Display space is limited so the 42 large pieces are rotated on a regular basis.

Other "gifts" inherited from OES include numerous plaques and trophies. These range from the 1966 Farm Safety Essay Award (for gr. 5 and 6) to the Legion Music Award for Best Overall Choir in 1979 to the Staff Car Rally in 1985. Although not inherited from OES, the museum collection also includes school trophies and awards won by students of Beaupré School (Onoway's first school); witness the W. Ledger trophy for the Onoway Track Meet in 1938. 

These photos and awards are great ways to help remember school days – classmates, teachers, and the fun you had. The museum would welcome school photos (especially black and white ones) of Onoway and district schools which could be added to the collection.

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 Last updated: September 2, 2014