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Royal Family Memories


The recent royal wedding strayed from tradition in numerous ways but like all events involving British royalty, there was no lack of publicity or memorabilia. It seems that the royal family has always had its avid followers of all ages and the Onoway Museum is home to a wide range of "memories" and royal souvenirs. These range from a collection of newspaper clippings relating to anything and everything "royal". Students in the past created scrapbooks from clippings and magazine articles and, to celebrate the coronation in 1953, every student received a commemorative coin. Numerous magazines over the years featured royalty as the cover photo/story.


And then there are the "hard" souvenirs of royal events. The museum collection includes dishes of various shapes and styles as well as drinking vessels, spoons and books that commemorate coronations and royal weddings.


Matchbooks Charles

A more elegant souvenir of
Charles and Diana's wedding

This box from Eddy Dales General Store
held 3 blocks of matchbooks. The price tag on each block shows 70.

Biscuit Tin Elizabeth
Candy Dish George IV

Biscuit tin
"A Souvenir of the Coronation of H.M.
Queen Elizabeth II 2nd June 1953"

Candy dish
May 12 Coronation 1937
George VI Elizabeth

Eddy Dales General Store helped locals celebrate the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer on July 29, 1981. For just 70, you could buy a packet containing 50 matchbooks, each containing 20 matches. Just think of how many times you could gaze at the happy young couple as you lit your cigarette!

Several decades earlier you might have invested in a one-pound box of assorted chocolates and admire the smiling Princess Elizabeth who had just been crowned Queen.


Earlier yet, an elegant candy dish commemorating the coronation of George VI (May 12, 1937) and his wife Queen Elizabeth would have been a fine investment for those who had been a bit concerned about the abdication of his older brother Edward VIII in order to marry a divorced woman.


Back to 2018. Have you bought your gold-plated souvenir mug to remind you of Harry and Meghan's wedding?

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Last updated: February 16, 2019