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Buy a Ticket - Win a Raffle!


How many raffle tickets have you bought recently? How much did you pay? And what could you have won?

It seems that raffles have been around forever. In fact, this is probably one of the easiest fundraisers (provided the organization's members get out there and sell all their tickets) and can be successfully undertaken by even the smallest, most basic organizations. Other than the prizes and the cost of printing the tickets, there is little or no expense.


Onoway area residents have probably purchased dozens of tickets over the years to support local organizations. Do you remember the days of the annual car raffle organized by the Onoway Agricultural Society to help fund the building of the swim-arena? These tickets were pricey ($50 each) and Ag Society members worked hard to sell as many as possible to be able to reap a reasonable profit. The first raffle was held in 1971 (won by Marilyn Truckey) and ran annually for seven years.


Other groups had less ambitious goals and, very often, their prizes were either donated or may have been created by members of the organization.


The few raffle tickets in the Onoway Museum collection give a glimpse at how vast the field of "raffles" is. They might bring a smile to your face or perhaps a memory. So … the next opportunity you have to buy a raffle ticket, be aware that the organization you are supporting needs all the help you can give it!

Beaupre Rm 6
Proceeds for School

Beaupre Rm 6

Who donated the prize quilt for this raffle undertaken by Room 6 (what grade?) at Beaupré School?
No doubt tickets were made in class in scribblers. Unfortunately, no date.

Proceeds for school.

These tickets might have been made by the teacher or a parent?
The box of apples was probably donated by the local grocery store.
And how would the proceeds have been used?

                                        Red Cross
Farm Women 1961
Klondike 1975

Jr. Red Cross

The Red Cross members created the tickets
for their raffle – probably before they knew
what the prizes were.
This is ticket #259 – how many did they sell?!


Farm Women 1961

It was not unusual for women's organizations
to raffle items that had been hand-made by
their members – patchwork quilts or crocheted
pieces were common.


Klondike 1975

The price is so cheap! Norwood Legion must have had MANY members/supporters but perhaps the prizes were all donated…


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Last updated: February 19, 2022