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It's 1965 - Here's What's Making News

In a world where more and more emphasis is on digital communication rather than print, we risk losing visual records of local and world events as well as images of our culture. News stories, articles about daily life, photos – they are easily lost with a touch on 'delete' or a change to the technology.


Magazines, newspapers, brochures and pamphlets in the Onoway Museum's Reading Room transport you instantly to life 50 years ago – a very different world. Advertisements tell a lot about what was new and/or important then.


In Life magazine of January 8, 1965 for example, there are six full-page ads for cigarettes. A two-page spread praises the wonders of new electric appliances: "Modern total electric home where flameless electricity heats and cools the whole house, cooks the food, provides the hot water and dries the family clothes…"


And what about the amazing portable TV!! It's the complete opposite of the monster screen that now fills the wall of a room in today's home.


 Then there's "Long Distance call – Next best thing to being there. Try it and see"


Long Distance Call

Admiral Playmate 13" portable TV

A long distance call means so much

The July 16th issue of Life has a three-page spread "Does she or doesn't she?" – an advertisement for Miss Clairol hair colour.


The museum's collection of local newspapers is scanty pre-1970s but the few papers in the collection tell how important it was to let everyone know what was happening – who moved into town, who won prizes at bingo, etc. And of course a detailed description of what everyone was wearing at the recent wedding.


"For her honeymoon trip to the United States the bride donned a grey tweed suit with white hat and gloves, black patent clutch bag and shoes, and orchid corsage. Her jewelry was a pearl necklace and ear-rings, a gift of the groom."

                                      Chronicle 1964

Lac Ste. Anne Chronicle, December 5, 1964

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