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Canada Album
Canada Album Carr

Canada Album

The "Canada Album" published by Star Weekly gave Canadians
of all ages a chance to learn more about fellow countrymen
and women of whom they could be so proud.

You Read it in the Paper

From the 1940s until the 1970s, the Star Weekly was a godsend to many Canadians across this country. Those who didn't live in big cities where they could buy daily newspapers (if they could afford it) looked forward to this weekly magazine that combined current events, cooking, fiction, sports, comics, puzzles something for everyone. The large photos and full-page advertising were especially attractive. In 1963, a yearly subscription was just $10.00 what a bargain! or you could buy it at a newsstand for 20.


In 1963, the Star Weekly created The Canada Album a little scrapbook to be filled with clippings from the magazine. These clippings highlighted Canadians who were extra-special in some way the arts, sciences, politics, sports, entertainment in the 20th century. From Billy Bishop (WWI pilot) to Mazo de la Roche (author of the Whiteoaks of Jalna series), John Wayne & Frank Schuster (comedians), Glenn Gould (world famous pianist), Maurice (Rocket) Richard (hockey player), to Vincent Massey (first Canadian-born governor-general) these Canadians made their way into everyone's home via the Star Weekly.


Maclean's is a Canadian news magazine with a history going back to 1905; its format and focus changed over the years but always with the Canadian perspective. Many people read the back page first where Allan Fotheringham humorously spoofed many aspects of Canadian life. Maclean's focus adapted to current issues and was prepared to take on hot topics like teenagers. "They are frequently pictured as being irresponsible hoodlums who spend most of their time making a nuisance of themselves. It is often said that the younger generation smokes too much, drinks too much, is ill-mannered, promiscuous, and perhaps criminal as well." This was from a series in 1953.


Paper sources of news, entertainment and advertising have had to adapt to many changes over the years; television had a major impact in the 60s and now there's the complete take-over by digital sources.


Take a walk back in time visit the Onoway Museum. Take a quick look at the exhibit on local newspapers, then go to the Reading Room, settle in, and turn the pages of local newspapers, national magazines and other publications. Paper journalism has a way of staying with you try it!

Macleans Igloo

Maclean's magazine

In the 1950s, Maclean's often looked at the Canadian landscape and articles by Pierre Berton drew attention to the far north.

The Tribune

Thirty-eight Onoway businesses were listed in this issue of The Tribune (November 21, 1979) to entice local readers to shop locally. Did it work?


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