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Pamphlets to Make Life Better


Recent additions to Onoway Museum's archives provide captivating insights into how people coped with everyday life back in the early 20th century. Small pamphlets full of official-sounding advice must have been readily available at the local drug store or any store that sold liniments and cure-alls. Of course the purpose of these free brochures was to sell something, often a bottle of liniment that could cure whatever ailed you or your child or your horse!


Here are some samples.

  • Dr. Chase's Recipes had nothing to do with food! Products such as Dr. Chase's Ointment could not only "cure eczema and every form of itching ... it is also a food for the skin and natural beautifier." In this recipe book, you'll find a solution to eradicate grease, fluoridate water, keep silver from tarnishing, ridding your horse of bots or worms.
  • The Care of the Mother and Baby's Welfare, Proper Care and Feeding (published in 1922) gave pre-natal advice, instructions on how to care for the new-born and then the young child. Did you know that a child should have a full bath more than once a week? And drink as much milk as possible but no tea or coffee? And "don't depend upon or allow your servants to clean utensils, bottles, etc., or to prepare the food; attend to these important details yourself." The Phillips Book for Mothers advises that "After a baby is one month old he should have cod liver oil twice a day, to prevent rickets."
  • Athletic Injuries and Their Treatment and Industrial Injuries and their First Aid and Treatment place great faith in antiphlogistine as the remedy for almost every injury.
  • And for the farmer, the instructions on how to butcher a pig highly recommend that a special curing agent is the best way to go.

Dr. Chase's
                              Recipes Baby's
                              First Outfit

Dr. Chase's Recipes
for the Home, Factory, Farm, Office

Baby's Welfare requires 4 dozen diapers!

Meat Curing

Nurse applies antiphlogistine to heal most injuries

Better Meat Curing is the result of using Habacure!

Looking for the answer to any problem? There's a good chance of finding it in the Onoway Museum archives.

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 Last updated: July 23, 2018