Looking Back


Museum Objects bring back Onoway Memories



Onoway Museum is a treasure house of little gems that were probably tucked away in some dark corner then discovered decades later and brought to the museum with the hope that they would help people remember some of our history.


And they do! Here are a few memory-joggers.

Lake Eden

Lake Eden's gold-covered matchbook echoed the "high style" of the resort.

Lake Eden was a very popular ski and summer resort. It boasted a fine dining area and public area Onoway High School even held their grad there!

Election Registration
Onoway was in the Jasper Edson Federal Electoral District in 1940.


William Lyon Mackenzie King's Liberal government was re-elected in March 1940. It's interesting to note that Minnie Hay registered to vote in August there must have been a reason.
Rodeo 1975
Roy Nerdahl was mayor and Ken Goodenough was president of
Lions Club when the first Annual Indoor Rodeo was held in 1975.

The Onoway Lions sponsored an annual rodeo; the first one was held in 1975 in the newly built arena. The amount of preparation for this event must have been tremendous! One of the easier events was the Rodeo Queen contest but that role was hotly contested. Candidates were Doris Simpson, Linda Borle, Teresa Ertman, Debbie Noyes, Lynn Shabada, Debbie Kormos, Colleen Waddell and Toby Brand.
Mills Store
Syd Mills encouraged customers to pay cash and note the last sentence
  it is the Woman who pays!

Long before the days of payment by credit card, many businesses allowed their customers to make purchases "on the bill". Each family had a little billbook where purchases (usually groceries) were written down, then payment was made when the buyer got some money maybe a grain or cream payment for farmers or the monthly cheque for a teacher. Syd Mills, however, encouraged his customers to pay cash.

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Last updated: August 5, 2018