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Stay Healthy This Winter!

It's that time of the year when Alberta Health Services remind us to get immunized against flu. Back in the last century, people most often treated symptoms rather than taking preventive measures. They relied a great deal on home remedies and various medicines sold by itinerant merchants or at the local store.


If a young child had a rough barking cough and had trouble breathing, the solution might be a croup lamp. As the solution heated and evaporated, breathing was soothed and diseases such as croup and whooping cough were cured.


Beef, Iron and Wine is a "stimulating tonic and nutrient for invalids, convalescent or persons suffering from fatigue, debility, nervous derangements, impoverishment of the blood". One teaspoonful to one wine glassful is all you need!


"Healthful Living" was a magazine published by Health Supply Centre in Winnipeg. The leading article of the winter 1950 issue was "Outwitting Old Man Winter: Best Way to Resist Colds". Some the key recommendations are

      Sunshine is lacking so you need Vitamin D, preferably fish liver oil tablets.

      Eat more liver to prevent anemia, more prevalent in winter.

      Blow your nose the right way (one nostril at a time, with the mouth open).

      Take baths less frequently to maintain skin health and forestay itching.

      Oranges are a great winter source of calcium, iron and Vitamin C.


You can find healthy solutions this winter at Onoway Museum!


Croup Lamp
Healthful Living
                                    Iron and Wine

Croup Lamp
A cresolene solution (made from coal tar) was heated
in the bowl creating a vapor throughout the room.

Healthful Living
The Health Supply Centre magazine had been a source
of herbal treatments and health foods as well as diet
and health teachings since 1903.

Beef Iron and Wine
This tonic is still available today
so it must work!

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Last updated: January 11, 2020