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Did you Mark the Date?


Theresia Treichel 1990 calendarOnoway Museum has a big collection of calendars!


The calendar on the wall served more purposes that simply showing what day of the month it was. Larger calendars where each month was scribbler-size were especially handy. There was enough space on each day to keep track of important events and commitments a bake sale, a wedding, etc. So, at a glance from across the room, you'd know if there was something important scheduled for the day.


Some people went even further, using it as a diary. Theresia Treichel's notes in her 1990 calendar record what she did each day, who visited, the weather (Oct. 5 - 4 " snow this morning), special trips, purchases, crocheting projects. These notes provide insights into the everyday life of a widow of strong faith in her mid-70s living alone on an acreage. She and her husband Ed had homesteaded on river lots along Lac Ste. Anne near Alberta Beach in 1932. She lived on that property all her adult life.

Some excerpts:

Aug. 1 Went with P.H. and pd the property taxes at Sangudo

Aug. 17 - Liquefied a batch of honey 6 jars small. I have ripe tomatoes on the vines.

Sept. 18 - I dug up all the potatoes, hand cleaned them, let them dry and then I picked and sacked them, brought them in on the wheelbarrow unloaded them into garage.

Sept. 30 Started to haul wood @ 9 o'cl picked up Paul and we hauled in 5 loads. I think one more load of it to haul Plus the lumber. Paid Paul 45.00

Oct. 25 - Pickled the beets, got eleven odd jars, cooked them almost 2 hrs, cleaned up the mess and in after 6 PM went for manure soil. H.H. loaded it for me. Paid 5.00

Dec. 3 Made ready my sponsored childs parcel to be mailed


Eddy Dales
                              calendar 1975Others, like Eddy Dales, were more business-like. His notations were short and to the point:

School Open House, Car to Fuhr's, 4-H, Gordon & Gail wedding, Dentist 11:30, Girl G. Bake Sale, Saddle Club, Charlie holiday.


Thirty years from now, will your descendants know how you spent your days?



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