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Crazy About Curling

curling club pinCurling has long been a popular sport in Onoway, with the first curling rink located in the low area north of the tracks.

Organizations supporting curling in Onoway go way back. Thanks to Bill Cook, the minutes (starting from 1956) and a wide variety of documents that give us some insight into the history of curling in our community are now part of the archives at the Onoway Museum. These minutes tell how hard people worked to fund and build a new curling rink, then to upgrade it to one with artificial ice. curling club

The Onoway Curling Company was formed and shares were sold at $100 each (a large sum back in the early 60s) to community members. The annual fees in 1961 were $20 for men and women, $10 for students.


The minutes tell us that in the late 50s, the firetruck was used for flooding and that one of the directors was sent to “Ice School” in Edmonton. It was noted that the caretaker’s job included looking after the ice when ladies and others used it (not just the men). By 1964, the caretaker (Alex Lafleur) was paid the grand sum of $200 per month.


                            Team 1983From early on, young curlers were encouraged (there was no age limit) and this bore fruit. In 1983 Onoway High School team consisting of Kevin Branting, Bill Bossman, Richard Guidinger and Rob Cook won the provincial championship in the small high school category.

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