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Satisify Your Recipe Book / Cookbook Addiction

Putting a meal on the table today has, for many people, become a fine art. The "foodie" culture is running rampant. You can find cookbooks and recipes for everything imaginable.


But looking back, despite very "primitive" stoves and limited ingredients available, women were still being encouraged to cook creatively. Imagine the advent of the electric stove! The collection of cookbooks and food booklets in the Onoway Museum is a treasure house! Here are a very few of the standouts.


51 Ways to a Man's Heart
Penny Stretchers
Canadian Utilities Home Service
Recipe leaflets
51 Ways to a Man's Heart To be a member of the Canadian Daughters League,
you must have been born in Canada
Canadian Utilities Home Service Bulletin Leaflets to help in the kitchen

51 Ways to a Man's Heart
is dedicated to "wives whose husbands appreciate good food, and to all women who like to please their men". Published in the 1930s, it promotes Maple Leaf flour and may even have been given away by some merchants. Some recipes: Meat Upside-Down Cake, Lemon Meringue Pie, Meat-and-Potato Salad.


Recipes and Penny Stretchers was published in 1942 by the Canadian Daughters League with the help of CJCA's Good Morning Neighbor Programme and advertisers in Edmonton and Cadomin. Some recipes: Liver casserole, Watermelon Pickles, Popcorn Balls. The penny stretchers are real-world hints about everything from sharpening dull scissors, removing chewing gum from a child's hair, to getting a brighter light from kerosene lamps or lanterns.


Northwestern Utilities and Canadian Utilities regularly published leaflets and cookbooks as did Alberta Agriculture. In the 1950s Chatelaine magazine published a series of favorite recipes such as Fun and Fancy with Leftovers Plus Meals from a Hotplate. As well, the producers urged housewives to buy their products. A very few examples: Alberta's Great Chicken Recipes (Alberta Broiler Growers Marketing Board); McGavin's Sandwich Manual (McGavin's Bread); Recipes for Modern Homemakers (1967) (Alberta Beet Growers' Association and Canadian Sugar Factories).


And of course, local groups have published cookbooks as fundraisers: Treasured Recipes (Grade Fours O.E.S. Onoway Alberta, 1970); Onoway High School Travel Club Cookbook (1977); Cook with O.D.A.S. (Onoway District Agricultural Society); W.M.F. Jubilee Cookbook 1932 1982 (Onoway Baptist Church) and many more.

Onoway Brownies
Grade 4 O.E.S. Treasured
Onoway District Agricultural
                                      Society (1986)
Onoway Baptist Church
Onoway Brownies, Guides, Rangers Diamond Jubilee (1910-1970) Cookbook Grade 4 O.E.S. Treasured Recipes Onoway District Agricultural Society (1986)
Onoway Baptist Church Jubilee Cookbook (1932-1982)


Foodies young and old need to visit the Onoway Museum to browse through the collection!



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 Last updated: February 1, 2016