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Making Coffee Makes for Pleasure

Do you remember the sound of the coffee pot burbling? That meant that the coffee would soon be ready but also that you'd better turn the heat down or, in earlier times, take the coffee pot off the front of the stove. Otherwise it would boil over and there would be coffee spitting everywhere.


The coffee percolator had the advantage of brewing coffee as strong or mild as you wished. The bottom of the pot was filled with water, a little perforated tub was placed on a long tube that was set on the bottom of the pot. The little tub was held above the water and filled with ground coffee. Then, put the lid on the pot and off you go. Once the boiling water burbled up through the tube and seeped back down through the coffee, you could keep that cycle going to get stronger, more flavorful coffee or take the pot away from the heat to keep the coffee milder.


Different forms of the percolator appeared over the years. The pyrex version was very popular but then shiny electric models replaced their stove-top foreruuners. The process was still the same.


That distinctive percolating sound was eliminated in the two-piece drip coffee maker. The top chamber is filled with coffee, then hot/boiling water poured over this. The water worked its way through the coffee grounds absorbing the flavor and color and seeped through the holes in the bottom of this upper chamber. You then pour the coffee out of the spout of the bottom compartment. No boiling over here.


And today? So easy! You can go old-fashioned with an electric drip coffee maker, use your espresso machine or just pop a pod in the coffee maker (and more plastic to the landfill). Coffee is so popular in Canada (Canada is #10 in the world for the number of coffee drinkers) a comfort drink now in COVID times but more commonly, an excuse to get together with a few friends for a bit of socializing.


Come visit Onoway Museum (yes, it's open) and have a look at some of the treasures in the kitchen!


Pyrex Percolator
Drip Coffee Maker
Koban Coffee


You could watch the coffee brewing in the glass bubble at the top of the aluminum coffee percolator.

Pyrex Percolator

Pyrex clear glassware lets you see your coffee brewing. This pot is missing the aluminum upper tub which holds the coffee grounds.

Drip Coffee Maker

This Wear-Ever aluminum drip coffee made the process easier and less messy.

Koban coffee

A pound of Koban coffee sold for 75 at Eddy Dales store.


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Last updated: August 24, 2020