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Historic Building in Onoway Gone, but its Memories Remain


HymnboardRegister of Services 1 January 1932In April 2015, St. John's Anglican Church, one of the oldest buildings in Onoway, was dismantled. Some of the original building materials, including samples of floorboards, wallboards and nails were salvaged by Peter McConnell and are now part of the Onoway Museum's collection. On one board is written "W C Turnbull Onoway". He was the Vicar's Warden during the construction period so this may have been the 'address label'.


In the Onoway Museum's collection are two registers from St. John's Church. The first entry in the Register of Services is dated January 20, 1918 and shows 8:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. services 12 people attended the evening service. Rev. R. M. Swan was the resident vicar at that time. There was no resident minister after 1933 but Miss S. Grove and Miss B. Onions, Bishop's Messengers, came to work in the parish and the Register shows that they (and visiting ministers) held services at Rich Valley, Brookdale, Stettin-Nakamun. Glenevis, Glenford, Calahoo, Bilby, Gunn, Alberta Beach. The entries continue through to 1937.


The Register of Burials Confirmations - Parish History shows no burials but confirmations are recorded from May 1937 to June 1943.

One photo in the museum's collection shows a confirmation group beside the church (with a Ford??? car in the background). If you can help identify the people in the photo, please contact the museum at 780-967-1015.

Confirmation class


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 Last updated: October 14, 2015