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Are You a Badge Collector?

When the Onoway Museum first opened in 2006, a good number of the artifacts in the collection were donated by Eddy Dales who had started an informal museum in his grocery store many decades before. Eddy had collected items that were old, unusual, or just different, and that filled rooms and storage containers. Gradually many of the artifacts that he collected were donated and integrated into the museum collection but many of the stories that went with them were lost.


Among the many boxes of items were found these four fabric bands completely covered with button badges - but family members dont remember ever seeing these. Eddy did not collect badges. Someone must have given them to him who? If you know where these badges might have come from, contact the museum. We'd love to hear the back story!


There are four bands of badges, designed so that they could be hung from a wall. The two longer bands are 60" long, attached to a 3-inch ring. The others are pieces of green felt, 37" and 38" long. The badges have a safety pin-style back and appear to be pinned on randomly. Very few have dates on them, the oldest one going back to "Onoway Five-O" in 1973 and the most recent "Canada Health Day" in 1988. The rest may be newer or older or in between.


                                        strings of badges

4 Strings - Four bands, 4 inches wide, are covered with badges pinned to them about 220 in all.
Some badges are tiny and some are huge. They appear to have been collected in the 1970s and 1980s.

As for the subject of the badge, that's all over the place! There are political badges (all Liberal except for one PC), sports events such as Edmonton Minor Hockey Week; businesses e.g. Melton Man 1973, UFA, Carl Orff Music for Children. The collector must have done some travelling: Sicamous, BC; I Houston; Ontario at Expo 86; Dawson City, Yukon; Truro, Nova Scotia. But Alberta and Edmonton are well represented: Muttart Conservatory; Stamp around Alberta; Save St. Albert and more.


Then there are the inspirational badges: Join us against Acid Rain, I'm a Block Parent, Red Cross Volunteer Canvasser, Light up Your Life - Read. The collector was definitely anti-smoking: Yes, I mind if you smoke, ⅔ of Canadians don't smoke, Non-smokers have rights too, etc.


If these bands of badges look familiar, we'd love to hear from you. Phone the Onoway Museum at 780-967-1015 or email


Onoway Area Badges

Onoway badges - A small number of badges reminds us of events
in Onoway's history as well as local organizations.

Event badges - Badges recognizing different events
or designated weeks are plentiful.

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Last updated: June 30, 2019