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The Archives at Onoway Museum


Did you know that for several years, high school students at Onoway went to school in "The Annex" – part of Onoway Community Hall? And the School Board paid a grand sum of $86 annually for rent?


Intriguing peeks into the past are what the archives at Onoway Museum is all about. Although it is still a work in progress, there is much information to be gleaned from the documents, letters, maps, photos, etc. that have been donated to the museum since the Onoway and District Historical Guild was established 13 years ago. Volunteers are entering the information about these documents on the database so it is becoming easier to find exactly what you are looking for.


Nearly 3,000 school registers, some from as far back as 1909, are part of the collection. The majority of these are from Beaupré / Onoway schools but there are many from the one-room schools that surrounded Onoway such as Nakamun, Ford, etc.


Records from municipal bodies, organizations and clubs are a source of valuable information. Village of Onoway Tax Assessment records help track down people who lived here in early 1900s. Onoway Community Association (which built the community hall), Onoway Curling Company, Royal Purple, Red Cross, Lac Ste. Anne Music Festival Assn, Pine Ridge School District are among those in the collection.


Documents from individuals and families give insights into life in the last century. You can find out how much a farmer was paid for the cream that he brought to the Onoway Creamery. From the minutes of the Onoway ATA Sub-Local, we see that the Sub-Local donated trophies to the track meet – one for girls and one for boys (Evelyn Dundas from Sturgeon and Russel Brand from Brookdale were the winners in 1942). Or put yourself in the place of a mother during WWII who received a telegram saying that her son (Sydney Mills) is missing in action, then a month later a telegram saying that her son is a prisoner of war. The next telegram comes almost a year later – the prisoners of war have been released.


Materials in the archives are accessible to the general public upon request unless access is restricted by legal requirements.

Book yourself some time to visit Onoway Museum archives!


Struve Car 1934
Confirmation Class
Struve Car - $175 was a lot of money for a car in 1934,
even if it was second Hand!
Confirmation at St. John's Anglican Church
in Onoway, 1934

Horse Hair
Horse Hair - Farmers earned extra cash
by selling horse hair

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