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100 Years = So Much History!


                              Schultz's birthday cakeRuth Schultz recently celebrated her 100th birthday. She was born in St. Barnabas Mission Hospital (Onoway Hospital) and has lived her entire life in this area other than some periods spent working at camps as a cook. It's hard to imagine the changes she has lived through but in the last two decades, she has been a wonderful resource to the Onoway Museum. Not only has she donated a wide variety of objects that are now part of the museum's collection, but she has also been a reliable source of information about different facets of life in the Onoway area. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Schultz, and thank you for the many ways you have contributed to life around Onoway

Among the many objects and photos that Ruth donated to the museum, here are a few from different parts of the collection.


One totally unique object is a 2 oz. bottle (4 inches tall and 1 inches wide) of pain killer, sold for the grand price of $1.00 for three bottles. This pain killer could be used for anything from head noises and deafness to sciatica and asthma, from bunions to rheumatism.


Back in the days before computers, when everything was written on paper with a pencil or pen and ink, one of the essentials was a blotter. This 6" x 3" piece of absorbent paper was used to soak up excess ink to prevent smudging.


The coronation of King George V1 and his wife Elizabeth as queen took place on May 12, 1937. What a memorable event! This was a major spectacle that was broadcast on the radio throughout the British Empire and memorabilia such as mugs became prized possessions.


Thank you, Mrs. Schultz, for helping Onoway Museum keep our history alive!



Mrs. Schultz birthday cake

Family and friends gathered to celebrate Ruth Schultz's 100th birthday at Mjo's Diner. They shared memories, songs, refreshments and were treated to Mrs. Schultz reciting some of her favorite poems.

Sundar Pain Killer


This blotter was a gift given to customers by Bill Scott. He had a draying business in Onoway for 20+ years (1920s 1940s) and delivered goods (including coal to fire up the furnace) on a flat bed wagon pulled by horses to residents of Onoway and area.

Sundar Pain Killer

This bottle of Sundar Pain Killer was manufactured in Edmonton by Sundar Products. If you know anything about this company, please let us know!


Coronation Mug
Driver's License

Coronation mug

This beautiful mug was a treasured memory of the unexpected coronation of George VI after his brother Edward VIII abdicated.

Driver's license

Twenty-one-year-old Ruth Schultz began driving (officially) in 1943 and continued until well into her 90s


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