George Welsh - Hometown Hero


Although he may be unknown to young people or those recently arrived in this area, George Welsh is a legend in the area of champion roping.

A Scotsman who migrated as a young man to the U.S., then to Canada, George was attracted to life on the ranch and soon became very adept in roping cattle. His skills were such that he performed at the first ever Calgary Stampede in 1912 and was invited by Her Majesty Queen Alexandra to a command performance.


George’s repertoire of tricks included roping a horse and rider by one foot, both front feet, both hind feet and then all four feet. Then he would rope the rider himself.

George and his wife Olive lived at Horse Shoe Ranch near Heatherdown and were well loved by the local population. George was extraordinarily skilful with animals and was often called upon to act as a veterinarian.


On display in the “Hometown Heroes” corner were two of George Welsh’s original ropes, on loan from Fred Hay, as well as a pair of spurs and a satin shirt on loan from Less Ertman.

The exhibit was featured at the Onoway Museum from May to October in 2010.

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Last Updated: October 23, 2013