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Turnbull 1902
Onoway and District Historical Guild recognized The Turnbull’s accomplishments through a “Hometown Hero” exhibit at the Onoway Museum.
When William and Mary Turnbull left their home in Penrith, northern England, then set sail from Glasgow in 1902, they had big dreams of a farm of their own. They homesteaded in 1902 and their dream was achieved when they received title to the land along Lac Ste. Anne Trail in 1906.

Right from the start, William Turnbull was a progressive farmer focusing on livestock production but he played a very active role in helping build the fledgling settlement. In time, his son Jared took over the farm and continued to be active in organizations that brought innovations to the area.

Onoway Museum is saluting the Turnbulls, William and his son Jared, as Hometown Heroes. With the strong support of their spouses Mary and Elizabeth who were also very strongly involved in church, womens and community organizations, the Turnbull family has made many contributions to life in the Onoway area.


Turnbull 2

Picture this – a few acres of land broken, a log house built with the help of local (Metis) labourers, trying to get a hog operation going. But William Turnbull found the time and energy to serve on the Onoway Mission Hospital Advisory Board, Beaupré School trustee (1903 -1938) and act as warden for the Anglican Church. As Chairman of the Onoway Community Association (established in 1919), Turnbull led the crusade to build a community hall. The records of this organization are part of the exhibit currently on display at the museum. Travel to all these meetings was by horse and buggy until he bought his first car (a STAR) in 1926.


Like his father, Jared Turnbull played many roles in the organizations of Onoway and area including the REA which brought electricity to the farmers of the Onoway area in 1954. Check out the photo of Jared and Elizabeth in Klondike gear when Premier Peter Lougheed presented them with the Farm Family award at the Edmonton Exhibition in 1978.

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The Onoway Museum presented this exhibit from
November 2012 to August 2013.

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Last Updated: October 23, 2013